Multi-purpose action for the health of skin and hair, combined with the emotional value of the fragrance. The Advanced Reconstruction System was designed through a holistic approach that acts on the mind and body and allows people to choose the fragrance based on their taste and seasonality. For Danny Wonker, hair health must be perceptible through the different senses: hair that is beautiful and shiny to the eye, soft and resistant to the touch, scented to the nose.  Visible results from the first application.

One of the elements that distinguishes the Danny Wonker lines standout is the unique fragrance. In the Danny Wonker laboratories, a Maitre Parfumeur has created four fragrances with particular olfactory notes: Orchidea nera, Acqua degli Angeli, Tivoli and Portofino. The fragrances are then developed in Grasse, in Provence, in the perfumery’s world capital. The ingredients are left to soak for 90 days following a particular controlled process. Once the balance is reached, the fragrance is harmonized inside the formula through an artisanal process. The olfactory pyramid is composed through five different processing processes that aim to make the fragrance balanced and persistent.


With Vanilla from Madagascar that gives warm and sensual notes and an enveloping sensation.


Intense and citrus notes, for those who think outside the box. With extract of Angelica Arcangelica known as the grass of the Angels.


Sweet and woody notes with Virginia cedar extract, symbol of longevity and youth.


A delicate and light fragrance enriched with the warm heart notes of
Ceylon cinnamon, one of the oldest spices.