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The Saloon

A concept store designed to welcome customers in a multisensory space where both sight and smell become a tool for the perception of well-being at 360° degrees. From the welcome, to the experience with the various DW treatments ... a mix & match of sensations which capture the senses and evoke distant places that pervade with calm and serenity.

Do you want to open a Danny Wonker Flagship store?

Exclusive Concept Saloon

Danny Wonker's first concept salon was born in Padua in collaboration with Giulia Damiani. A winning combo thanks to our special service "Request a preview of your image", which allows you to know what your look will be even before the service to be performed. We are specialized in HairSpa Treatments, Hair Extensions application, color, cut and style.



Danny Wonker has created an intensive program of Training and Technical Courses at different levels of teaching, and built the DANNY WONKER ACADEMY, a space entirely dedicated to Hair industry, where our artistic and marketing team shares their know-how to train salon owners, their staff and artistic directors with highly specialized courses.

Our History 

Danny Wonker is the innovative Professional Haircare brand born from the experience of an Italian cosmetic company founded in 1990. Daniele del Giudice, who belongs to the second generation of chemists and entrepreneurs, has decided to give life to the Danny Wonker project to become a leader in the "Hair Reconstruction" industry. Danny Wonker repurposes in a modern key the formulas and compounds created by his family to evolve them through the most current and innovative technologies.

With particular attention to raw materials and natural essences, Danny Wonker responsibly creates professional products with the highest quality standards and invests in Research and Development. In the laboratories, a team of researchers takes care of product development and innovation, following all the production processes within a supply chain 100% Made in Italy. Danny Wonker pursues environmental sustainability as a fundamental asset of the company, increasingly reducing its environmental impact.

Danny Wonker is my story, the story of a child who grew up between his father's cosmetic laboratory and his mother's dedication. I read my father’s notebook and was amazed by his formulas. It was an unknown and incomprehensible "language", but he kept repeating to me: "Daniele, here is our history, the history of our family. Now they seem incomprehensible scribbles but you will see that these formulas will write your future, a part of your life. That day you will understand. " So it was. My father was right. When I embarked on this journey, I reviewed the formulas written in pen on that old notebook and I realized that I had to create something that would combine my vision with my family’s history. A passion that has become Danny Wonker's mission: to take care of people through their hair’s health, choosing the highest quality without compromising. Danny Wonker is a true story. A story full of sacrifices and satisfactions, however, always led by unconditional love towards its mission.
Daniele Del Giudice