DW Lab & Ethics

DW Lab

Danny Wonker ‘s history was born in a laboratory, between technicians and machinery. That’s where the passion for the product, for its quality and its innovation, was born. The "Danny Wonker Lab" for research and development is the company’s beating heart, where a team of highly specialised formulators creates and improves the products. Here is where every aspect and production phase is taken care of in the smallest detail. The result is a very high-quality product, entirely Made in Italy.

Private Label

The DW laboratory also offers third party service for complete Private Labels
or «Capsule collection». We offer a "Full Service"proposal, from the formula’s development, to the label and packaging graphics, up to filling. The complete service is dedicated to the research and purchase of packaging, the creation of product graphics up to the production of the semi-finished product and filling.
Another service is the «filling» or the supply and filling of Danny Wonker’s products in containers supplied by the customer.


Production Ethics

The direction taken for the future by Danny Wonker is a constant reduction of its environmental impact. This commitment affects every aspect of the brand.


The formulations are developed with top quality natural raw materials, due to the focus on the customer’s health. According to rules and measures of guarantee, monitoring and quality control, the R&D Team studied new solutions to replace polluting chemicals moving towards an even more sustainable production. The products contain a minimum percentage of water, and their high concentration of raw materials allows for a smaller quantity with a lower environmental impact.

Danny Wonker products do not contain:
. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
. SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate)
. Parabens